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Come study at Chavakali High, we are the giants of academics in Kenya! We are also good in Rugby and Football, Drama and Science Fairs!

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Welcome to the Chavakali High School Portal

We have endeavored to upload all the assignments and lessons on this portal to aid the students in the online learning process during this lock-down and the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay at home and be safe Corona Virus should not stop you from learning a few things every single day. In-fact let us en-devour to study Biology more after this outbreak.


As many Parents have realized most assignments are online. To always keep our boys engaged. The assignments are updated daily.

Online Courses

Courses are an essential part of any learning institution atleast when the pandemic broke out most of us realized we can't do without courses.


Our Library System is here to ensure that all students return their books and not to loose their books. We have people who yearn for knowledge!


The Academics standard for this school has gone up thanks to the portal and the discipline system which has gone a long way to help.


our Alumni members will attest to this. We don't want you running in all departments trying to clear with your teachers. Just log in and check.


We have an online directory with the names of all the students and their contacts. We pride ourselves as a school with data on their fingertips.

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What Students Say.

We thank God for the Gift of Life. We thank our parents for Educating us. We thank the Teachers for always supporting us. We thank the School for admitting us. But most of all we thank the students for reading hard!
Eddie Wasike
ICT Vice Chairma

Meet The Teachers


Benedict Khayati

Deputy Head Teacher – Maths & Physics


Mr. Ibrahim

Head of Evaluation Department – Physics


Caroline Okanda

Class teacher Form Four South – Biology